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contact us
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welcome to citotest

based on a lot of fundamental practice and persistent pursuit during the initial years, citotest finally made itself well distinguished from other providers of economical products and became popular as a high quality manufacturer.
飥?/span>  add: #339 beihai road, haimen city 226100, jiangsu,p.r.china
飭?/span>  tel: +86-025-86216803
飪?/i>  email: 
飮?/span>  zip code: 226100   
contact us
339 beihai road, haimen city 226100, jiangsu, p.r.china
0086 513 82259348

citotest scientific co.,ltd

citotest was established in 1996 in east china. the owner ambitiously founded citotest for creating a cost-effective manufacturer and provider for high quality microscope slides and microscope cover glass.

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contact us

飥?/i>  #339 beihai road, haimen city 226100, jiangsu,p.r.china
飭?/i>  +86-025-86216803
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